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Chairmen of the Aikas Žado Association

2014 March 26 decision no. 14





The homestead of Žeimiai manor (hereinafter - the Manor) is a private territory, administered and managed by the Association “Aikas Žado” (hereinafter - the Manager). The manager manages and administers the manor in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Protection of Immovable Cultural Heritage and other legal acts, as well as concluding an agreement with the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture. November 10, no. AS-06, requirements.


The Rules for Visiting the Žeimiai Manor Homestead (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) establish the visit to the Manor (including buildings and the entire territory of the Manor) for cognitive, creative, implementation of targeted cultural projects, research, scientific, recreational and other purposes. The rules are binding on the companies, institutions and organizations located in the territory of the Manor, natural persons who live and / or visit the Manor (hereinafter - Visitors). Visitors must comply with the requirements of the Law on the Protection of Real Estate of the Republic of Lithuania and other acts of the Republic of Lithuania. When visiting the territory of the Manor, visitors agree and undertake to comply with these Rules. The appendices to the Rules are an integral part of the Rules.


RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF VISITORS When visiting the territory and / or buildings of the Manor, visitors participate in the artistic installation “Žeimių Dvaro sodyba” and become a work of art “Aikas Žado Laboratory” (are registered). Author of this work Domas Noreika (iv. No .: 964991)


Visitors have the right to: to visit the territory of the Manor during the set hours:


Tuesday to Friday 12:00 to 18:00

Saturday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.


to use the services offered by the Manager in the Annex to the Rules No. 1 in accordance with the established procedure; The Manager may refuse to use certain services depending on the employment of the Manor and the Manager's administration, the compatibility of different activities in the Manor, and other circumstances;


Visitors must:

to protect and preserve the environment, artistic and cultural heritage and natural objects; to notify the representatives of the Manager about the observed violations of the Rules or other violations; comply with the requirements of these Rules and the agreement with the Manager, if any.



Visitors are not allowed to: if it is not agreed to bring any inventory to the territory of the Manor, to install recreation or sports facilities; to destroy and damage the natural, household, artistic and cultural heritage objects (values) located in the territory of the Homestead; to feed domestic and wild animals grazing or raised in the territory of the manor; to damage, destroy or arbitrarily relocate recreational facilities, information signs, stands, landmarks, other signs and fire-fighting equipment, elements of artistic installation; write, draw, carve various inscriptions or signs on trees, buildings, equipment; to arbitrarily cut, destroy, damage trees or shrubs and other plants or greenery in the territory of the manor; to capture, destroy and damage wild animals in the territory of the homestead, to take them with them, to collect the eggs of birds, to destroy their dwellings (caves, ravines, nests, etc.) or otherwise damage the animal environment; to make noise, consume alcohol, play music loudly or otherwise interfere with other visitors to the homestead and / or the work of the Manager's administration; endanger the safety of oneself and others; allow loose dogs to run; to drive motor vehicles; to park cars or other vehicles in places not designated for this purpose and not marked with appropriate signs; littering and otherwise polluting the environment; bury or leave rubbish and waste in the territory of the Manor; tread the green lawn; to create campfires and / or set up tents in the whole territory of the homestead, except for specially equipped places; take photographs, film, otherwise capture an image without the prior consent of the Manager; to go inside the buildings without consensus, to cross the limits marked with the insurance sign; to visit the interior only with an accompanying, introductory administrative employee or a performanceist when the introduction is his author's performance.



The control of the order of visiting the Manor is performed by the employees of the Manager's administration, representatives of the Manager and, if necessary, officials of state institutions. The Manager has the right to remove persons who do not comply with the rules from the objects and territory of the Manor without separate notice. Persons who have caused damage to the Manor or the art, culture and natural values ​​therein, their territories, must compensate the damage in accordance with the procedure established by the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

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